Yechiel Kalmenson

A.K.A. Rabbi on Rails

Full Stack Web Developer

Ruby, Sinatra, Rails, PHP, SQL, JavaScript, jQuery, React/Redux

“In life, there's no such thing as staying where you are. If you are not actively growing you are inevitably falling behind."
-The Lubavitcher Rebbe


Brooklyn born and bred. I got my rabbinical training in Israel. Went on to teach third grade in the Jewish Online School and Adult Education through Chabad.

After a brief stint in Tech Support, I went on to study web development.

I currently live in Brooklyn, NY with my family, trying to support my passions for teaching, coding, and flying.


Flatiron School

Web Development

United Lubavitch Yeshivah

Rabbinical Studies


Newtek Business Services

Full Stack Developer

Fidelity Payment Services

Software Integration

Flatiron School

Technical Coach

Mr. Aberthon

Website Consulting

Shluchim Online School