Yechiel Kalmenson

Software Engineer at VMware

Blogger at Rabbi On Rails

Editor and curator at Torah && Tech

Projects I Enjoyed Creating

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Hug Bot

A Twitter bot built in Python that tweets a gif of a hug at set intervals.

Project URL Hug Bot
GitHub Repo: hug-bot
Blog Post: Need a hug? There's a bot for that!

Torah && Tech

A book curated from a weekly newsletter exploring everything Torah, tech, and the intersection between them.

Project URL Torah && Tech
Blog Post: Announcing: Torah && Tech

XKCD Explainer

A Firefox add-on that adds a button to every XKCD comic that links to the corresponding page on

Project URL XKCD Explainer
GitHub Repo: xkcd-explainer

Alternate Side Parking SMS Notification

This builds off of my Twitter bot.
Built using the Twilio API, users can subscribe to receive notifications whenever New York City Alternate Side Parking rules are suspended.
Users can also text or call at any time to receive the latest status.

Live App: Call or text (347) 404-5618

GitHub Repo: alternate-side-bot-twilio
Blog Post: Add SMS Notifications to Your Rails App Using Twilio

Alternate Side Parking Twitterbot

A Twitter Bot built in NodeJS that uses the Twitter API to tweet whenever Alternate Side Parking rules are suspended in New York City.

Project URL Alternate Side Parking Twitterbot
GitHub Repo: alternate-side-bot
Blog Post: Creating my first Twitter Bot

Compatibilty Request Tracker

An app built off of my App Tracker to help my Integrations Department keep track of which Payment Gateways we integrate with. Has all the functionality of the App Tracker. Uses the AXLSX Rails gem to export the data as an Excel sheet.

GitHub Repo: compatibility-list-client
Blog Post: From Job Applications To Compatibility Lists

App Tracker

An online tool for job seekers to track their job applications. It’s a ReactJS/Redux app talking to a Rails API with a PostgreSQL Database on the back end. Users are authenticated using JWT Tokens
The Rails API was built using TDD pattern with RSpec.

GitHub Repo: app-tracker-react
Blog Post: Time To OverReact


A basic Reddit clone. Originally built using Sinatra, later rebuilt using Rails with jQuery for the front-end.
The app features threads with nested comments. users are authenticated using bcrypt or GitHub OAuth.

GitHub Repo: freddit-jq
Blog Post: Challenges Revisited


A Rails app for pilots to log their flight hours and which airplanes they've flown.
The app features GitHub OAuth authentication for users.

GitHub Repo: FlyLog
Blog Post: Fly Off The Rails


A Ruby Gem that generates the basic structure for Sinatra apps, including Model and Scaffold generators built after the Rails Model and Scaffold generators.
Built in collaboration with fellow students at Flatiron.

Project URL Corneal
GitHub Repo: corneal
Blog Post: Of Scaffolds And Gems

Tic Tac Toe

A fun game of Tic Tac Toe built in Ruby using classic Object Oriented patterns.
The game features a fully-functioning (almost) unbeatable AI player, and so many Wargames references, you'll find yourself wishing for a nice game of chess instead.

GitHub Repo: Tic-Tac-Toe-with-AI
Blog Post: Tic Tac Tips


A Ruby CLI Gem that uses Nokogiri to scrape a popular deals site and displays the latest ones to the user.

Project URL DansDeals
GitHub Repo: dansdeals
Blog Post: Gem Install Swim